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Apocalypse Fantasy
Apocalypse Fantasy
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A girl got hit by a truck and was reincarnated on a post-apocalyptic fantasy world full of dangerous robots and monsters everywhere.
Between life and death, she found herself on a lone wolf girl's body with a scar on the right cheek.
Her name was Liana. she can't remember some of her memory of what happened but she knows that she needs to find a way to survive or else she will die.
She has to grow stronger and stronger so that she can survive in this chaotic world...
Along the way, she will also learn new things while also finding new friends that will help her, enemies that wanted to kill her, and finding out the secret of what happened to this world while also finding a way to go back home or...
Maybe even saving this world?

This is my first ever novel I am writing so sorry if I have spelling mistakes every chapter...
English isn't my main language and I appreciate every help that I can get and always open to fix my mistakes.
Also expect a lot of fixing on every chapter!...

Beastkin Death of Loved Ones Female Protagonist Near-Death Experience Post-apocalyptic Protagonist Strong from the Start R-15 Reincarnated into Another World Slow Romance Strong to Stronger Time Skip Transported into Another World Vampires World Travel
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 54 problems on the train

    This is a fast action, fast paced adventure story.  Adrenaline junkies will love it as single fights usually run over several chapters.  And there in lies the part of the problem.  There is an EXCESSIVE use sound effects in the story.  It's no joke when I say that at least 10% of the story is sound effects.  For me it's annoying to read.   For example "Tatatatatatatatata" & "Pling!Plang!Pang!Ping!" are written (in many, many different variations) to describe the sound of machine gun fire rather than describing the effects of said gun fire.  If that's not a problem for you than enjoy!  For those who are sight impaired or just like to have the webpage read to you I suggest reading in small doses as the sound effects make it very hard to follow.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 91 liana vs demon

    i loved this novel it's good so far but I haven't read it in a while. Anyway I recommend anyone to read it because it's so much fun and well done.

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