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/ Series / Attack On Titan: The Peace, I Desire
Attack On Titan: The Peace, I Desire
Attack On Titan: The Peace, I Desire
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4.1 (19 ratings)
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"Do you want peace...?"

This Fan-Fic is a story about an Assassin/Hitman/Killer that got reincarnated in another world...

Dying in his previous life, this time he wanted to live in peace and enjoy life more...

But, tragedy happened and felt like his dream was a mockery, as everyone he loved died...

With all this said and done, can he find what he truly wants?


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Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.

Cover Made By: Kaito_Izanaga

Attack On Titan
Accelerated Growth Based on an Anime Calm Protagonist Cold Protagonist Hidden Abilities
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      Status: c42
      Dec 2, 2020

      It's a interesting fan-fiction. The main protagonist is a assassin and often throughout the story I feel that his character changes and sometimes he goes out of character (Though, it's probably hard to convey his personality with the grammar issues.).

      The plot of the story is simple and just follows the regular plot of AoT without any significant changes up until chapter 34 where the story starts to differ from AoT.

      I feel that this can be done better and It's being dragged down by the horrendous grammar issues in these chapters. (Seriously, it's like reading MTL or some book a child wrote in kindergarten, don't read it if you can't handle it.)

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      Status: chapter 1. vincent glaze
      Mar 12, 2021

      grammar needs work but the story flow is great so far.

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