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/ Series / I really wasn’t going for a harem, I swear!
I really wasn’t going for a harem, I swear!
I really wasn’t going for a harem, I swear!
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By some strange turn of fate, my soul travelled to another world when I died due to my stupid bravado. (I know, cliché, right?)

I woke up as the youngest son of a duke, who had passed out after seeing his erect dick for the first time. But, although this world is pretty much like any other generic fantasy isekai, there‘s a catch. For the people here, fat means beautiful, at least when talking about girls. Indeed, they like fat, greasy girls, with huge noses and puffed up lips.

So, what am I to do when I see slim, gorgeous girls being bullied and shunned by society? I save them, of course! I just didn’t expect them all to fall in love with me and be completely fine with sharing me!

Alternate World Beautiful Female Lead Body Tempering Caring Protagonist Clingy Lover Confident Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Fantasy World First-time Intercourse Hard-Working Protagonist Kind Love Interests Love Interest Falls in Love First Male Protagonist Masochistic Characters Master-Servant Relationship Nudity Older Love Interests Outdoor Intercourse Polygamy Proactive Protagonist R-18 Sword Wielder Threesome Weak to Strong Younger Love Interests
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