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/ Series / The Chick Before The Egg
The Chick Before The Egg
The Chick Before The Egg
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After waking up with a killer hangover and a sizable gap in his memory, insecure gym rat Theo overhears a phone call which suggests his girlfriend Olivia may be cheating on him with a woman. Worried that Olivia is a lesbian, and desperate to win her back, Theo comes up with the best and most obvious solution: to win Olivia over, he needs to enlist the help of his frat boy wizard best friend to make his body as feminine as possible. As his body changes more and more. Theo tries hard as he can not to think too hard about the obvious question: why does he enjoy every change happening to his body so much?

This story is a bit tonally different from my other works here so far. It's a light-hearted comedy about an egg denser than a neutron star. I hope you enjoy it!

AdultComedyFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveRomanceSchool Life
Appearance Changes Awkward Protagonist Character Growth College/University Comedic Undertone Couple Growth Delusions Dense Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Drugs Female Protagonist Friendship Girl's Love Subplot Heartwarming Identity Crisis Inferiority Complex Kind Love Interests Magic Male to Female Misunderstandings Modern Day Modern Fantasy Transgender Unreliable Narrator Wizards
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    Status: Epilogue – The More They Stay...

    Whoever said "denial is a river in Egypt" never met this egg, I tells ya. Because she's so deep in denial, even Jacques Piccard couldn't find her.

    An excellent story with gut-splitting comedy and a stunningly oblivious protagonist. Read it for the laughs, and maybe discover something about yourself along the way. You'll be happy you did, trust me!

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    Status: ch. 10 – first steps

    Big trans feels. This story hurts so wonderfully in just the right spot! I mean, most of us have been rather oblivious up to outright stupid about our own feelings in regards to the own gender stuff. Some of us can look back and remember and laugh about ourselves.

    This story though? It seems like all of our past oblivious awkwardnesses have been squeezed together under high pressure to form a super-dense gem of a disaster trans girl. You watch her maneuvering around the most important questions in her life. You see her jumping to all the wrong conclusions. You want to scream at the useless idiot. And you cringe and whince and...

    And yet, this story is super fun to read. Please do read it!

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