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/ Series / After Reincarnating, My System Quit!
After Reincarnating, My System Quit!
After Reincarnating, My System Quit!
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4.5 (158 ratings)
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Pangaea is the main continent on Earth, well the Earth I was reborn into. Me? I am Rick Lee, a Eurasian. I was just living my life like every other Highschool student cramming for University exams, until I turned 18 then it happened.

I received a System that granted me skills I apparently picked in my past life, that I don't remember even picking. Then the System gave me the Middle-Gold-Finger and left my life forever.

Now with knowledge I never imagined, how can I change my sad life around? Make money? Get revenge for bullying? Find some lovers? Become powerful? I don't know but knowledge is only knowledge and I still need to fend for myself.

This is not a Fan-Fiction, so don't worry about anything belonging to anyone but the Pictures I take off the internet, he-he, I am no artist. Enjoy!

ActionHaremMartial ArtsRomanceSlice of Life
Acting Bodyguards Cold Love Interests College/University Comedic Undertone Devoted Love Interests Glasses-wearing Love Interests Gunfighters Hackers Harem-seeking Protagonist Hiding True Abilities Marriage of Convenience Medical Knowledge Modern Day Older Love Interests Organized Crime Police Polygamy Popular Love Interests Pregnancy Reincarnated into Another World Ruthless Protagonist Siblings Not Related by Blood Spies Student-Teacher Relationship
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    New thelivingchaos
    Status: chapter 46  linda lang is a...

    Writers of Japanese novels, see the sky and learn. This is how a novel with Harem is written. Thanks for your great work Harem-Fan.

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    1 Likes · Like
    New ByzFan
    Status: chapter 211  the yellow emperor speaks...

    Good blend of world building, character growth, plot twists, action, and smut. Two thumbs, and a boner, up!

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    3 Likes · Like

    I saw the high rating and the glowing reviews and decided to give this a try. 

    No clue how this is so popular, the writing feels so shallow, theres no substance in it. Its like reading a mtl novel with decent grammar. To be fair I only read 5 chapters and it could get better later on, but if so then the early chapters need to be worked on.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 33  hospital ball!

    This story has me hooked, the dynamics and plot drag me in. I feel a connection to the main character, not as a self insert, but as a person I am routing for. I find myself refreshing every time it is close to the next chapter being released. I don't usually do that, I usually am okay reading something else to pass the time. I am that excited about continuing to read the story. I hope the author will get this one published, I really want a hard back copy of the story for my bookshelf.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 50ish

    What can I say about this gem that hasn't been said below. An average high school lad on his 18th birthday gets roughed over by the bodyguards of his long term bully leaving him hospitalised and near death. At that moment a system in charge of reincarnation drops the bombshell that in his former life he was a neet virgin loser who tried to kill himself by signing up to an online reincarnation service. With 50 points his former life minmaxed a skill set that would forever change our poor protagonists life. No longer the poor victimised orphan he starts turning things around, taking names and kicking ass. 

    You want action, check

    You want revenge, check check

    You want some decent smut and an interesting harem, check check check.

    Harem-fan writes an enjoyable and humorous story with an engaging plot and such a convoluted character background I may have to reread to straighten it all out. 

    For anyone who knows the hell that is long term physical and mental bullying this novel offers a satisfying revenge fantasy that ticks multiple boxes.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 140  the show must go...

    A really fun read. The quality of the humor is what I like the most, and the 4th wall breaks and narrator future comments do an excellent job of setting the mood.

    Recommended to anyone who doesn't mind an overdose of harem.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 170  the black dragon’s...

    Harem-Fan never fails to entertain me with his stories, I mean who ever heard of a system that just uses your brain for a one night stand and then ducks off to who knows where!? 

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 24  summer break, work!

    The story like most of the authors work previously is pretty decent. It's one of the main reasons I keep reading all of his works usually by accident. He has pretty good taste in fan novels, and original works. The characters contrast well and while the story may not be perfect. It is fun! Personally, I think he just needs to chill out! When it comes to trying to pleasing everyone or reading reviews. His work is solid, and always improving. The story is no different. I like the added content, such as links and pictures giving context to what the author is actually visualizing. I don't usually waste my time writing reviews, and vote with my time reading the story. But I felt the author might need a little praise so the story doesn't flounder and drop around the 200 mark. The biggest complaint I have about the author is he loses interest in his stories or it seems like he doesn't know where to go once he gets to a certain point... But that is how it goes with most stories at some point if they're not ended, they're just dropped. So nothing new there with any author. So author, if you're reading this, enjoy the story, write it, and those who wanna read it, will read it. Those who don't won't. I wouldn't let it affect your confidence in your ability to write a story. So good hunting, and if you drop the story you drop it, and if you write another interesting one that catches my attention by accident which is usually what happens with you, great. No your English or grammar is not perfect. But you have very interesting and refreshing points of views. Your ideas and your characters usually play well off each other. 👍 P.S. Only English majors are expert at English. Usually their taste and interest in stories or writing is questionable. Even native speakers like me, make plenty of mistakes in grammar, that's what proofreading is for. So really, chill!!!!! I am currently on chapter 86. 

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 130  oh baby!

    I love this story, it is so original and the fact there the MC is not super OP is great, we also don't get to see systems status screen all the time like in other stories since the system quit the MC, hah that's brilliant.

    So far everything is good, the only bad part is that the author keeps explaining some simple terms that most 13+ year olds should know already, it kind of breaks the immersion a bit but I guess some people lack common sense.

    This is still a 5 star ratings from me

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 109  the love boat!

    Harem-Fan's not shy about what he likes, and this story delivers nicely.

    The title is just as on-the-nose. After reincarnating his system waits till he's 18, info dumps his past life and some skills, then goes away forever. This isn't a system or LitRPG genre story. It's just like one chapter where it's relevant. No quests, no numbers-go-brrr. It's just an excuse for the MC to be OP.

    This is what I would call a "self insert power trip" genre story. It's done badly very often so the entire genre has a bad rap, however when done right, as it is here, it's very entertaining. Like a dream, it doesn't have to make a lot of sense to be entertaining and amusing.

    The MC starts out getting sh*t on for years before getting his system blessing. There is some green hatting of his former bully. The MC doesn't get NTR'd but others (who all deserve it) do.

    There's some "they're not blood related so it's not incest" between the MC and his step sister. They spent a long time as the only family in each others life, but some may find it a bit cringe. I think it was done tastefully enough that it didn't bother me. Your mileage may vary.

    The MC is playing "gotta catch 'em all" harem pokemon. At the point I'm reviewing he's run out of days of the week to devote to each wife, with multiple women waiting on their own arc to join in. He's not just banging away at everyone, but pretty much every quality woman introduced is either married already or falling into the harem at some point. Plenty of skanky girls that he ignores, the man has taste, but unwed good catches get a pokeball. 

    The grammar and syntax are a bit odd however everything is clear enough and thank god the pronouns are always correct. 

    There is plenty of action and there is an overall plot tying things together nicely. There are tons of s*x scenes in the story, but they all flow naturally and it doesn't feel like smut for smut's sake, just an adult book that doesn't fade to black.

    For some light fun, this story is great so far. Highly recommended. 

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    3 Likes · Like
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