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/ Series / Vector Control in MHA [COMPLETED]
Vector Control in MHA [COMPLETED]
Vector Control in MHA [COMPLETED]
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3.9 (69 ratings)
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A normal man, through some bullshit luck, got chosen to reincarnate in another world after getting killed by the legendary Truck-kun.
Distraught at the fact that he died without losing his V-Card, he becomes impatient and wanted to get the reincarnation process over quickly. Because of this, he ended up annoying the ROB overseeing his reincarnation, and to spite him, the ROB rigged his quest system.
Because of this he ended up being forced to keep the timelines of the worlds he travels to intact and as close to canon as possible. If not, the world collapses.
The problem? The bad guys all have power ups while the good guys get nothing.
Follow our resident MC as he tried to keep the timelines intact while doing his best to become relevant and interact with the characters... and maybe get some girls on the way. Maybe.
First world: MHA
I'm planning to have harem in the story but I REALLY want to keep it small, like 1-2 people per world, 3 if we're pushing it and it's a harem heavy world (DXD).
During the beginning, the MC's personality will be... finicky. I haven't really decided what personality to give the MC at this point. Well, I tried giving him a cool-headed personality, but... that backfired. I don't want to write a character like that. So yeah, you have been warned.
First time writing, I accept constructive criticism, tell my how I can improve and I'll do my best!
DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything except for my own OC. The cover pic is something I found off google, it's not mine.

ActionAdventureComedyFanfictionHaremRomanceSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
A Certain Magical Index My Hero Academia The Gamer
Academy Accelerated Growth Comedic Undertone Game Elements Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation World Hopping
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      Status: c2
      Dec 9, 2020

      So since the author asked for some constructive criticism, I'll pitch in my 2 cents as of chapter 2.

      The very first and most visibly annoying thing about this fanfic one will notice is the unfortunately somewhat common mistake it makes in trying to be self-aware: it confuses lampshading with satire. The short of it is this: Acknowledging that something is cliche or poorly written doesn't automatically make it not those things anymore.

      What makes it significantly more annoying than usual in this fic however is that the author felt the need to perform 80% of said lampshading through author's notes. I don't mean unobtrusive footnotes either; rather I mean an actual note just dropped in the middle of the sentence to let you know how willing the author is to poke fun at his own work (that is when not directly insulting the readers, which happens more than once).

      Now, whether or not you find the author's sense of humour funny (personally I don't), these interruptions will still wear out their welcome pretty fast as the flow of sentences and paragraphs gets interrupted over and over again.

      Also, as a general rule, it's not really advisable to explicitly mock and insult your readers. Even if you promptly apologize (in an Author's Note of course!), it doesn't change the fact that you chose to post this work with those insult (s) included, making said apologies come off as insincere. That's not a great way to make your readers want to continue reading your story.

      This review is getting way too long, so I'll end it here. I hope some of this was helpful!

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      Status: chapter 45 mc finally did some...
      Jan 31, 2021

      I'm sorry I have to say this but MC is an idiot and the MC personality hasn't gotten any better after 40 chapters.

      I really like the novel but the MC personality is hard to like because he keeps acting like that. I mean, the f**king idiot that act like the most stuipis man I ever see in front of God like that. Anyone who acts like that is just wants to die

      [Sorry, my english is not good, hope no one mind that]

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