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/ Series / Street Cat Beastkin Finally Gains a Class.
Street Cat Beastkin Finally Gains a Class.
Street Cat Beastkin Finally Gains a Class.
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Many People in this literal Hell of a fantasy world have something called "The Status System," Or System for short. Everyone has it, but everyone does not have good stats, and so they are either turned into slaves, lower-class people or even turned to the streets and became hobos and bums. Some turn to Crime and gain the hated Criminal Class.

However, a Young Cat BeastKin who is 8 years old lived on the streets in the slums for their entire life with weak stats and nothing else to her name, But one day they saw a thrown away class Orb name "Thief" on it. With her quick feet and need for food, money, and a place to sleep. Our Mc-named Mumu Apple will now have a hard time surviving in the streets as they now have something that might help them or fuck them over even more. (Warning: Story might contain strong language in later chapters.)

Beastkin Child Protagonist Demi-Humans Dungeons Elemental Magic Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Magic Monsters Non-human Protagonist Poor Protagonist Weak to Strong
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