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/ Series / The Familiar of Fate
The Familiar of Fate
The Familiar of Fate
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3.5 (52 ratings)
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Do young adults get nervous when they turn 18? Sure. Do they expect to die just a few months later at the hands of their own family and estranged friends like a cliché movie? Definitely not, at least our protagonist didn't and needless to say, he's not very happy. Then again, I guess that means I have to kill everyone who killed me...I'm cool with that, as long as I'm out of the way. So they get powers, I get nothing but a journal, my family hates me, and if I ever do something that stands out enough to be caught by a 'God' I'm going to die? This sounds like a cliché beginning for a villain, but if I get strong enough and stay out of the way it shouldn't be a problem then, right?

Abusive Characters Adventurers Age Progression Artifacts Autism Betrayal Demons Emotionally Weak Protagonist Evil Gods Evil Religions Goddesses Gods Reincarnated into Another World Sword And Magic Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: the familiar of fate: chapter 19 –...

    It feels like the author just wanted to write an isekai reincarnation story where the reincarnated individual suffers severe abuse. The drama between the MC and his mother is rather well done. Unfortunately, it feels like the mother's character motivations are the only aspect the writer considered with any degree of seriousness, and forgot to make the rest of the supporting cast feel like real people.

    The worst is definitely the premise by which the MC died. A bunch of gods tell a group of 20 people to go kill an autistic kid, and they will be rewarded for it by being reincarnated. That is something that definitely makes no sense for gods of any world to do, and makes even less sense why the characters would actually do it, and all 20 of them would actually act in concert.

    Next, there is the character of Jacob. His character is just very VERY inconsistent. One moment he will be sympathizing with the MC, the next he will be 100% fanatically in line with the mother to the point he aligns his thinking with hers and he also thinks of the MC as trash. It is just impossible to follow, and has the feel of him just having whatever attitude is convenient to the author at the time to the extent it ruins his character.

    The father is the one though where the holes in his character make me think of him as absolute scum. There is a saying that the only thing needed for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing. He has the feel of said good person who does nothing to him, and he has to be seriously dumb to not realize what his wife is doing to his son given the premise we are provided with.

    It just feels clumsy in implementation to an extreme degree. If we ignore the existence of every character in the story except the MC and his mother, it is a story about some rather horrific child abuse that is sorta Ok in implementation. If we even stop to consider where a single one of the supporting cast fits into this though, the gears of the story start clunking and it looks like a total mess.

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    Status: c50

    I never felt my heart strings get pulled than reading this I love it and series you are awesome 

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    Status: c50


    first the writing is very well done, im not going to lie it felt pretty realistic and enjoyed the writing a lot.  

    literally only pro to this novel


    the story itself is very shallow. The issue I notice is that the author seems to write and make up stuff as he goes. (More on this later).

    there is a lack of story progression in this novel. There is no beg -- middle -- end. Lets take the first 50 chapters. Lets call it the family arc, there should be a beg -- middle -- end. Which will allow the MC to growth yet there is a lack of middle or end. The MC is placed worse conditions the the the previous situation.

    the character are inconsistent this a minor issue. You can see this in Jacob, Agatha and  especially Fate. The author created jacob as a henchmen to Agatha (both basically villians) but jacob's personality and motives switches every chapter. The biggest inconsistency is Fate himself, dont forget he a reincarnator yet acts more like a child then an adult. He doesn't cry when he was a baby yet is constantly crying as an toddler. At one point he should realize that the family cant offer him much, that constantly trying to escape from family is better option the being at a manor. Fate is an adult he should act like one, yet there is a constant switch in which the author is telling us he is a child and adult.

    liza is also added into this story way too early. Developing trust especially towards abused children takes months of work not 3 days. (Based on actual social work). Adding Liza into another arc were he is far way from his family would have been way more appealing and natural.

    the story has a lot of fluffy especially with the descriptions. But the interactions are very well done. Honestly I spend 10 min per chapter just to have full understand of the authors intents. Could have skimmed it.

    how to improve.

    writing and grammar very solid and felt like I was there. The author needs to end this arc as this gets very repetitive very fast. The next arc should have certain outline like story progression, characters, MC growth and world explanation.

    recommendation, what certain writers do is have separate documents that are basic outlines of every character so that they can have consistency and if needed to show growth. Also excel sheets for the rpg elements as the tracking of growth can get very complex.

    honestly I normal have an option of novel by chapter 10 and if I wish to drop it or not. Reading this till 50 means that you do have some here. Maybe in a year this novel be at the top

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    I liked the beginning. No cheats, has to work hard and figure things out on his own... that sounded awesome. I'm normally not bothered by tragedies but this went way above and beyond my limit. I kept reading and hoping this arc would finally end 


    but reading 65 chapters that start at 1day old to 4 years old with slight autism being repeatedly abused over and over and over and over.... keep repeating and over 65 times. I dont know if it's like a law of the world that he has to suffer so much as an equivalent exchange for luck and fortune but if it takes 65 chapters to make it to 4 years of suffering for a couple bits of fortune then it feels like it's going to take a thousand chapters of him being abused before he gets any real benefits. Unfortunately, this is as far as I can go. I sincerely hope that when he's strong enough you allow him to string Agatha or whatever that hateful bleeps name is by her intestines. Maybe have her husband help so she suffers from the ultimate despair plus make sure she's renounced from her God (since her husband and God are her pride).


    For those that dont mind this I will say that it is well written. Though almost every character is a bleep, they are fleshed out lol. I actually really like this story and really wish I could hold out until the revenge bit. I wasn't sure what to rate this. It might not be my cup of tea but I'll still give it 4 stars and pray that the author lets the real filth taste their own medicine x1000 (like seriously let that kid show them complete desolation and eradicate them please )

    Good luck Fate

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    Status: the familiar of fate: prologue –...

    Different look on the usual isekai trend. Lots of negative thoughts and abuse. All the negative things just make it seem more "realistic" though. I mean, nobody in their right mind would be calm after experiencing all the MC is going through.

    Must prepare yourself though since the author is "kinda" sadistic (he said it himself) lol 

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