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/ Series / Defeating the Demon Lord Without Fighting it Myself
Defeating the Demon Lord Without Fighting it Myself
Defeating the Demon Lord Without Fighting it Myself
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"A high-schooler way beyond his actual age”, this is how those around a high school student named Nakamura Kurayami call him. He is a top student in his school, and is very knowledgeable, especially in science, technology, and politics... And most of all, he’s all-knowing when it comes to mecha and space genres of anime.

But one day, he died from such a freak accident that the god that governs Earth had no choice but to get him to be reincarnated into another world of magic and swords with him having his few wishes granted in mind… He wishes to be a girl!

He did wish for something without knowing that he… or she would have to fight the Demon Lord and its army due to a whim of the other gods and goddesses' whim of making her a hero for the survival of that world's humanity!

Now born as the first daughter of the Duke and Duchess Celestia, the now-Emilia von Celestia must survive knowing the fact that she needs to fight the Demon Lord as she does not want to fight that monster herself!


Kess here, this is a re-written version of the webnovel that I've made a few years back in Honeyfeed. It'll have the same content as what I have posted back then, but will also add in some newer content that I have not continued from before. Enjoy!

Bi-weekly release!

ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyGender BenderIsekaiSci-fi
Adventurers Alchemy Androids Appearance Changes Appearance Different from Actual Age Artifact Crafting Beautiful Female Lead Clever Protagonist Comedic Undertone Demon Lord Girl's Love Subplot Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity Kingdom Building Kingdoms Level System Magic Magical Technology Military Nobles Skill Creation Sword And Magic
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