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Spider-Man 0X
Spider-Man 0X
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[#r18] [#Harem] [Do not translate my work you rulate site bastards.]
A man was reborn in the Marvel world as a regular civilian, Alex Wilson, without any special power. He was living away from the bustling city where villains mostly lurked around. But his luck eventually ran out like all those humans who die all the time thanks to those supervillains and Heroes' fights.

He got caught up in a fight between Hulk and Abomination, when he went to the city to buy some supplies, resulting in a spinal cord injury. But thanks to the lunatic doctors who performed various tests on him, he found out he had a perfect immunity mutation. But excessive tests killed him in the end.

Once again he woke up in a new body... Peter Parker's body. Now, he has a second chance and power to tilt the balance of power.

Follow this journey as he goes on a revenge rampage and tries his best to make the most out of Peter's intellect and luck with girls. A selfish hero is what he plans to become who will put his own happiness before others and live his life his own way.

But do things always go as planned?

MC kills villains without any mercy.

I don't own anything related to Marvel except for my OC
Cover picture found on Pinterest
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ActionAdultEcchiFanfictionHaremMatureRomanceSlice of LifeSmut
Avengers Marvel MCU Multiverse Spider-Man
Accelerated Growth Alternate World Antihero Protagonist BDSM Carefree Protagonist Clones Cosmic Wars Criminals Dark Evil Organizations Gore Harem-seeking Protagonist Magic Mind Control Multiple Identities Mutations Organized Crime Outer Space Poor to Rich R-18 Secret Crush Secret Organizations Serial Killers Superheroes
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    Status: ch: 81 [amazing spiderman]

    If you're looking for a different take on Spider-Man, this story is for you!  THIS version of Peter isn't afraid to give the bad guys exactly what they deserve--and he's pretty popular with the ladies!  I'm definitely looking forward to see how things further develop!  Great job Author-san!!

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