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/ Series / The Crescent Luna Bordello : Rise of the Brothel King
The Crescent Luna Bordello : Rise of the Brothel King
The Crescent Luna Bordello : Rise of the Brothel King
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3.7 (20 ratings)
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(Updated Synopsis.)

Welcome to the World of Njilven, the empire of peace and prosperity where women are the most revered head of states, governed by the Beautiful and intelligent "Queen of Wisdom" Lucrelia supported by the Church of the Crimson order to make a utopia where there is no war, no disease and no crime…

That is what the kingdom wants you to think!

In reality the Empire's population is poverty stricken, tensions are boiling waiting to explode into war at any minute and Crime as rampant as the multiplying monsters, all covered up by the people above.

And through their lies the world will be at the brink of eternal destruction and chaos.

And the only way to bring balance comes from the most unlikeliest bastards this world will ever see.

Veron, the Charismatic, "kind?" but calculating other-worldly brothel owner and most brilliant underground criminal mastermind of his time.

Join him as he reincarnates into this tale of debauchery full of sin, twists and disturbingly delightful turn of events as he brings this world’s leaders to their knees (Literally.)

“It’s time to make a new playground.”

Character portraits can be seen in the Glossary, check it out if you want to see how I picture out my Characters, Items and Places.

(Authors note)
Hello guys (& gals?) I'm Writer_not_narcissist but since saying is a mouthful so you can just call me Wrist!!!

So I, Wrist, am a budding light novel writer and anime (Hentai) artist and I have always dreamed of doing this as a secret hobby, soon I'll be adding illustrations to my work and also a new cover since I want it to be more anime-esque * actually more hentai hehe

Also to note I don't write Netorare, and all the R*pe scenes are just the MC's doing his revenge plot, I mean come on this is fun no heartaches here.

By the way thanks for visiting page and reading my light novel, your support keeps me motivated to do my secret dream! So come back for more and feed me encouragement!

(100 readers = Lewd illustration poll for VOL.1 Characters.)
(50 likes = One lewd illustration of Corelia poll) - Lingerie
(100) likes = One Lewd illustration of Puree poll)
(150) likes = One Lewd illustration of Eldritch Aize poll)

Once a goal is reached I will post the poll on the next chapter.

(Posting of content and update will be at 8:00 P.M (Manila EST)
Updates Chapters when I feel like it

Adultery Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Appearance Changes Assassins Betrayal Blackmail Bodyguards Character Growth Criminals Cunning Protagonist Demi-Humans Demon Lord Discrimination Drugs Fantasy World Flashbacks Hypnotism Matriarchy Prostitutes Rape Religions
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