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/ Series / Villain with netori system
Villain with netori system
Villain with netori system
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3.6 (55 ratings)
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English is not my first language so please take care of me and if you find mistakes in it tell me I fix it as soon as possible.

Max Winchester died due to an "accident" while reading the novel after his death he meet God who allowed him to travel through and do whatever he think best but on condition to make Protagonist's life miserable. He also gives him the strongest system [Netori system] that help him steal Protagonists Woman, Chances, Luck, etc
Why does God want to make that Protagonist's life miserable? And why [Netori system] given to the max let's find out.

(English will get better after chapter 38.)

I don't own a book cover, I find it online, If creator wants me to change it just message me, I will remove it.

AdultEcchiFanfictionHaremLitRPGMatureSchool LifeSupernatural
My beautiful teacher, Love is war, My wife is cold-hearted, Incredibles, Koubi No IE, etc (Other will be added here as plot progress.)
Antihero Protagonist Based on a Movie Based on a Visual Novel Based on an Anime Cold Protagonist Harem-seeking Protagonist Hot-blooded Protagonist Level System Mind Control Netori R-18 Sexual Cultivation Technique
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Table of Contents
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    Status: 40. violet parr

    ok this novel is good. I like MC it is well written, I would like to learn more about its history from my previous life, it is nice if a bonus chapter was created. I don't like its cool version a bit. I hope he will not treat his women as conquerable Pokemon and forget about them, there is nothing worse in harem tales as forgotten women of the protagonist. And I would anti-hero >>>Vilian

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: 23. feeling of love

    Grammar is quite bad but readable. 

    The s*x is good. 

    MC is OP, his system can do everything. Instantly make girls attracted to him, off security cameras, give him skills to control people...

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: 57. Taming Yandere II

    I have enjoyed the story so far and can't wait to get up to date and hope for more chapters in the future, however it is a bit hard to read due to how the sentences are structured and the grammar mistakes, thankfully it isn't bad enough that I would lower the rating more then 1 star so I went with a 4 star rating. 

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: 2. why netori system? (edited)

    Literally the worst grammar I ever encountered. I can't think of any word other than 'terrible'.

    Also the premise and dialogues are pretty bad. They could be good, if gar was good, and they had some more thought put into them, but alas. They are bad.

    It feels like it can be a pretty nice novel, but for now it really is bad.

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