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The ARES Show
The ARES Show
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In the XLVII century, a method was finally invented to remain in virtual reality indefinitely, and the first thing they plan to do with it is a game system that imitates, and perhaps surpasses, classic tabletop role-playing games. And as advertising the most famous RPG group of the time —ARES —will hold a tournament where four teams will participate until one completes the Mysterious Final Mission, all die or one team exterminates the others.

It should be noted that in this work I will be faithful to everything that the role-playing games represent and in effect I will roleplay every action the characters take to determine their success or not. In a few words, NEVER EVEN I KNOW HOW IS GOING TO FINISH OR WHO WILL WIN.


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ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyLitRPGRomanceSci-fiSlice of Life
Adventurers Based on a Video Game Battle Competition Curses Dragons Dungeon Master Dungeons Firearms Game Elements Gamers Half-human Protagonist Lucky Protagonist Magic Magic Beasts Medieval Multiple Protagonists Non-human Protagonist Otaku RPG Strategic Battles Survival Game Teamwork Unlucky Protagonist Virtual Reality
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