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/ Series / Other-Worldly King (R-18)
Other-Worldly King (R-18)
Other-Worldly King (R-18)
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One day, MC wake-up without any memory of past, without name, and trying to re-learn ways of the world. But during his happy early life he discovers that this world is just a chessboard for higher powers. So, now to fulfil his dream of living a life with his loved ones, MC must fight against this world's existing social structure and powers. In this fight, MC needs all the help he could get for facing what to come.

Come join the MC in his struggle for survival, and how he will save everyone he cares about and how he end up as King from a simple farmer’s child in this new world.

If you like character evolution and calm MC with ability to think. Then come and join MC on his life’s journey to pave the way for his dream of a stable and harmonious life in a cruel world ruled by higher powers.

ActionAdultAdventureFantasyHaremMatureSlice of LifeSmutTragedy
Adventurers Affair Age Progression Arranged Marriage Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Character Growth Different Social Status Doting Parents First-time Intercourse Forced into a Relationship God-human Relationship Goddesses Harem-seeking Protagonist Hiding True Abilities Level System Merchants Money Grubber Nobles R-18 Secret Identity Sex Friends Slaves Sword And Magic Weak to Strong
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      Status: c18
      Sep 19, 2020

      A good novel that details a man as he explores a fantasy world with intrigue. So far so good with romance but I've yet to see how the MC is someone worth rooting for besides being someone special. There are traits that has an individual stand out from the rest such as Naruto's unending determination to not give up or unconventional methods to win fights.

      We've yet to see any of that specialness for the MC as he goes through the motions without much indication anything special is happening. Hope to be proven wrong later on.

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