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/ Series / Cultivation Master with infinite imagination.
Cultivation Master with infinite imagination.
Cultivation Master with infinite imagination.
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From childhood to Adulthood his luck had gone on an infinite vacation.

Shen Xia had really bad luck.

What he didn't like, he hated it but that thing will cling to him neither less not taking him into consideration.

Just as he got lucky for 3 whole days straight lady luck again sent his good Luck to vacation and appointed worst luck to him causing his death and he felt like his luck was saying to him with a smug face on his deathbed no it death air like 'oh my~ sorry baby but I wanted a bonus~'

Then what happened? GOD APPEARED! hell ya, he did, and after some discussion that was more of bullying on god's side which he avenged by sending Shen Xia to his most hated novel world.

Flabbergasted to find that he was destined to be dying at the hands of a protagonist which was not new in that novel. It was so crappy that even Shen Xia remembered all hate comments on it.

Still, he will not let his worst luck get any more bonus! never! and good luck come back from lady luck's embrace or when Xia is gonna come to find you you won't be able to tell who your master is!

funny story with many funny and comedic characters but is BL
Our MC is a badass Shou/uke/bottom while his ML is also cold hearted obsessed gong/top.

Boys LoveComedyDramaHistoricalIsekai
Alternate World Elemental Magic Evil Organizations Famous Protagonist Forgetful Protagonist Lack of Common Sense Lazy Protagonist Master-Disciple Relationship Modern Knowledge Mpreg Pets Wars
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