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/ Series / What I’ve become a vampire loli!
What I’ve become a vampire loli!
What I’ve become a vampire loli!
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4.4 (57 ratings)
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Table of Contents
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    Status: v1 c5: plastic memories

    The quickest way I can summarize this is that reading this felt like eating bad junk food.

    The main character is an irredeemable prick with no entertaining qualities. I understand that a jerk for a main character can charm audiences, a la Kazuma from KONOSUBA, but he's just horrible here.

    Unexpectedly, the MC's companion-system is actually a much more interesting than the MC himself. Whether this was on purpose or by design, the "System" has much more respectable motivations for why it exists. And including a backstory for the "System" was refreshing and an interesting turn on things. It was something I did not expect and believe to be the most standout feature of the entire story so far.

    Unfortunately, that is the only genuine praise I can give.

    There are a couple pop culture references and some very crude mentions to the MC's "private time", but aside from this there really isn't much.

    That is all.

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    Status: v1 c10: destined encounter

    The references at the beginning, the iconic truck sama, for sure it is a work with a future, the humor is top notch and the system is what is the cherry on top, LOLI

    It is easily relatable which is nice and  the MC isn't a human which is refreshing as their are too many novels where the MC is a human.

    Overall fantastic read.

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    The story is good and has lot of humours in it which made me laugh yet feel bad for MC too lol. If you read it you will know what I mean.

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    Status: c4

    So far story is pretty good, but the writing sells it. Sites like these usually have a low bar, but this author hurtles over that bar effortlessly. Check this book out for a fun time <3

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