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/ Series / Gray Ghost: Future Shadow
Gray Ghost: Future Shadow
Gray Ghost: Future Shadow
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Moving to the quiet Country Side of Japan, a town north of Tokyo, was a needed change for our Marriage. Problems... arose regardless. Family Conflicts, Business Rivalries, Mercenary turning against our Oath - The Dead will bring the Tale's End.

Unfinished Construction Plans, Secrets kept from me and my own Family. The ones I called close - all betrayed me at one point in their lives. They even went as far as to believe that I was done for. Heh... They don't seem to get it... One can't kill the Dead.
From little, I was taught to obey my Wife regardless of what happens, if she wants me to sit in a corner all day - I will do it! Even when everything comes falling down and... I start to lose it completely... she will tell me in her sweet Tone... "We're going to be fine". My beloved Silver Angel...
For something to crash... It first has to break. Meaning, it has to get past me. Man or Nature herself, Country or Military Alliance - I'll rip them to shreds!

With all War and Conflict... Comes peace. For me, this means being at Home. Seeing my little Sister play on her Computer - my Wife making Food and telling me to learn it too - but the main source of Peace... for me is... Their safety. Under all - and any circumstances.

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

ActionAdultEcchiFantasyMatureRomanceSci-fiSlice of Life
Anti-social Protagonist Apartment Life Artificial Intelligence Body Tempering Calm Protagonist Childhood Love Childhood Promise College/University Couple Growth Devoted Love Interests Family Family Business Family Conflict Former Hero Human Weapon Male Yandere Marriage Mercenaries Military Smart Couple Social Outcasts Strong Love Interests Wars Yandere Younger Sisters
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Table of Contents
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