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/ Series / Evolution: Start AS A Raft
Evolution: Start AS A Raft
Evolution: Start AS A Raft
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4.0 (137 ratings)
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Raine is reborn on Earth hundreds of years later - as a raft. Fortunately, he is helped by the Super Warship Evolution System. What will Raine evolve into in the Azure Age?

A reader made an awesome Audiobook of the book! link:
Thanks! @thrx01a

My native language is not English. I have already begun to learn for a few years now. If there are grammatical errors, I would be grateful if you could point them out for me.

Adventurers Apocalypse Artificial Intelligence Destiny Fantasy Creatures Reincarnated as an Object Time Skip Transported into Another World Unique Weapons Wars Weak to Strong Xianxia Youkai
Table of Contents 335
Reviews 9
Table of Contents
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    Status: ch. 72

    The plot is interesting and for me quite novel, as such I gave the story three stars. The reason I gave the story only 3 stars, despite what I said, is that, sadly, the grammar is Absolutely abysmal. From wrong words like shaken instead of sunk, the incorrect use of the verb to be to, no distinction between was and were, to phrases that do not make sense or have a completely different meaning from what the author wanted to say.

    Oh, and the protagonist is stupid, for example:


    Oh, I have this bird that is the ONLY way, in this technologically deprived world, to do recognition that is VITAL, in fact every good or higher level captain has one, it is the  only mean to have long distance communications, that could even save us in case of wreckage... but it's only has 0.1 of battle power, how useless. There are several comments like this one that are so annoying. Another example, is that when he goes, for the first time, to a trading centre he so much of an... airhead that he doesn't even ask what type of currency they use!!


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    Status: 22. battle at sea

    I do like this story, with it being a mix of Waterworld, One Piece and commerce.

    Yet it glosses over the MC coming to terms of being a raft/boat. "It took three whole days for Raine to come to terms with reality."

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    Status: 1. i became a raft

    The idea is interesting. The novel can be read. But the main character is just rubbish. He can't read people. Emotions in this novel are superfluous. I liked the novel at first, but after chapter 30 it became disgusting to read.

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    Status: 23. the winner is

    The progression and upgrades for the MC seem pretty well planned. The author also isn't afraid to timeskip the boring grinding parts. (Sea travel can be long and boring) The MC himself is a little rough around the edges, but doesn't seem too bad, and at least has some character.

    I haven't noticed too many grammar issues, but it's clear the author's native language does not use pronouns and genders the same way english does. Besides that the quality of the writing have been slowly improving.

    The crew so far he meets naturally and none of them seem forced, though the new crew need more focus so we can get a better idea of their personalities.

    The only enemy we've seen so far, besides weather and monsters, is pretty generic. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as low level grunts should be pretty generic. There's also a non generic character that's been introduced right after their first enemy. Whether they will be an enemy or not is yet to be seen.

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    Status: 85. the fierce battle

    3.2 Stars [Round Down]
    (Made at Chapter 210)

    Turn you brain off and enjoy. Can describe many stories for different reasons, for this one, it's because it's very simple, so don't really think about it.

    Grammar isn't always the best, but I do think it has been improving.

    The story is about Raine who is boat that evolves! Which you should be able to gleam for the synopsis. It doesn't take too long for them to acquire a crew which slowly grows. Then slowly but surely a few more shenanigans ensue. Look, it's fine, nothing crazy. If you have time and you find this or another review interesting, then give it a shot.

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    Status: c335. the great man

    Amazing Story, a flooded world with the MC being a person who doesn't belong to the era making it his era. A good book to turn your brain off and enjoy.

    Review, almost everything is great in this book, the plot isn't too diverging and long winded and it all has a purpose. The non-MC people are not just random bystandard A or B, they have a purpose. The author is not afraid to use time skips like "It took three whole days for Raine to come to terms with reality" or later on where it skips months or years to remove the borning/useless parts of the book.

    There is no really bad part of the book besides some the grammer. The grammer isn't the best, as a non-english writer it's really good and somewhere along the way you have basically fixed the problem. I assume you use something like grammerly.

    The world building is amazing, when you don't thing about it there are some problems, but if you spend the time to think it's all almost connected. Like the differences between the people living in the different seas. There are reasons why they are that way.

    As for people who say the MC isn't that good, you have to remember the MC's previous life, He was 20-25 years old (I assume) when he died being drunk and fell into a lake and he was probally the standard college graduate shut-in. So the way the author wrote the MC's personality is pretty accurate. Although it took a bit too long for him to understand that he was a raft. I mean a hour at most, probally a few mins, not 3 days. He can't move and can't see anything else and can feel the water under the raft, so there is no other explanation.

    Finally, a personal wish, can make a book 2 in the future? I mean there is enough for a story. The next upgrade of ship, the creator god, and the outside world. Yes, I know it's just going to basically a repeat of this books, so maybe change it to a exploration book instead and add different cultures.

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    Status: 21. duel at sea

    This is an interesting idea for a book.  It is kinda like a dungeon core story but with a raft instead.  The novelty is enough to get me interested.

    However, every chapter is rife with grammar errors.  This is okay, if the story is interesting then so long as things are readable then that can be overlooked.  However, I think the worldbuilding is really shaky.  Just floating around collecting stuff is fairly simple to write.  However, the further I got the more it seemed like stuff wasn't really thought out.

    A ship can just raise a red flag and attack an unarmed ship and if they don't fight back (Which I imagine a lot can't) then the navy won't do anything?  They get to take 1/4 of the cargo?

    Is the navy going to board and make sure they only take 1/4?  I can understand the need to suspend disbelief but this is just too much no matter how one looks at it.  Why would they even try to take missions if the system is so corrupt?

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    Status: 39. team

    The novel become with a very interesting proposal, mixing ideas like: one piece, leviathan, litrpg.

    But with pass of chapters, the novel can't introduce news proposals. It's only to become more strong.

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    Status: c238

    I really enjoyed this. It starts a bit slow but then becomes op and stays that way. Sadly there are quite a few mistakes and a few idioms that don’t exactly make sense but the story is largely naffected. &Nbsp;Hope you enjoy

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