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/ Series / Final Fantasy: What is Hypnosis?
Final Fantasy: What is Hypnosis?
Final Fantasy: What is Hypnosis?
279.2k Views 17150 Favorites 241 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 929 Readers
4.4 (111 ratings)
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This is what to expect from this story!
/ Abusive Characters / Academy / Alternate World / Antihero Protagonist / Based on a Video Game / Beautiful Female Lead / Bloodlines / Brainwashing / Caring Protagonist / Celebrities / Cheats / Comedic Undertone / Criminals / Different Social Status / Enemies Become Lovers / Fantasy World / #1 Final Fantasy / Game Elements / Harem-seeking Protagonist / Hypnotism / Mute Character / Older Love Interests / Perverted Protagonist / Pregnancy / Rape / Transplanted Memories / Wealthy Characters / Yandere / #1 in I Got the Hypnosis App, Now I Can Do Whatever I Want / Harem-Fan Certified™

final fantasy
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Table of Contents
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    Status: amazon, bella brave?

    This is a fun series with a plot that keeps pace. The characters are not flat and have motivation. Be prepared to laugh even though this is not pure comedy. The MC is not a hero but not a villain. He does dark things sometimes mainly cause that is how this world works. 

    All I can say is this is a joy to read. 

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    Status: loli on my poll?

    Love this series and it always succeeds in making me laugh and connect with the story.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: remember that time i offended...

    i still reading and didn't finish until now, but for people who are behind me in chapter and doens't know if you keep reading or not, please send me a massage about it and I will give you my actual opinion, when I am in the latest chapter I will update this review

    what I can say is... please read this masterpiece!

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: now your mine?

    Fantastic fic. Despite all of the warnings and labels this is overall a pretty wholesome lovey-dovey story for a harem. The love just swings a bit yandere occasionally and some mofos need to die terribly. The triggers are there so check the tags for stuff that really bothers you. That said if you have relatively thick skin and can remember that this is a not-very-serious story you will enjoy it immensely.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: the death of chris taylor?

    Really fun read! I've devoured most of the available chapters and I'll definitely check in on this story as it progresses. The grammar can be a bit wonky at times, but you quickly get used to it. I remember playing FF1 as a teenager so it's nice to see these callbacks to that classic game. Also the MC isn't stupid, and rarely, if ever, makes mistakes Justin to facilitate the plot! Sometimes that leads to curb stomp fights, but that's just a benefit of using all of your resources to their best ability! 

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: 18 chapters/week=bad reveiw=taking...

    This is one of the few stories I read as soon as a chapter gets posted. And one of the very few I've written a review for! 

    A LITRPG with a bit of power fantasy and a dash of hypnotism all with the backdrop of one of the best rpg franchise in history (imo) ! This story is a very fun read; I've experienced a whole range of feels while reading. 

    Harem-Fan's writing style is easy to read, the grammar is great and I can tell the story has been outlined in detail before any writing even happened. I can also tell that great care has been taken to make the power system and skills understandable without losing the "Final Fantasy-ness" You don't need to know final fantasy to understand what all is going on.

    The main character and gang are fleshed out with good backstory and development, nobody feels like a filler or too much of a cookie cutter/trope. What character trope and cliche there is feels natural and right while reading. (What person with a soul wouldn't mofu mofu a good wolf girl's ears and tail!? No one I tell ya)

    TLDR; Final Fantasy litrpg harem story with mild hypnotism, good stuff. Oh and if the first chapter or so is confusing just keep it all in mind, it will all make sense later! Also I forgot to add Harem-fan uploads multiple chapters damn near everyday!

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: garland is now my enemy?

    It started pretty funny: 


    the clueless and dumb protagonist being led around by the women he used the hypnosis app on

    . Unfortunately it quickly turned itself into a below-average power fantasy fiction: the protagonist being the chosen one (he's a very important person for the elves), being too arrogant sometimes (even though he's kinda dumb and new to the world) and having a myriad of cheats that makes him virtually invincible (but it doesn't make the ever-present cockroach villain to die, unfortunately). The harem is pretty big too, there's already 10+ women at chapter 102. It's a fun fanfic, but if you read it for the Hypnotism tag, then the power fantasy part of the story might not be that entertaining.

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    Status: chapter 240  black moon painted red?

    This is a great Fanfiction, when I first looked at the title and tags I was hesitant to read it, but as I continued to read the Fanfiction it slowly become one of my favourite harem series on this site.

    The story is a power fantasy, but the plot makes up for it, making you want to support the protagonist throughout the series though the up and downs that he has to deal with, with great support characters that are his harem, the author is able to add each of the harem members into the story organically, with each character have a thought-out back story that doesn't hamper story but adds to it, and none of the harem feel like they are forgotten as the story goes on as they develop with the story and not just in the background.

    The world building in the series is wonderful as well, with every chapter slowly expanding the world that the protagonist lives in, making the world feel lived in and as the story goes on you want to learn more about the world you are reading.

    1. TLDR: a great read and great series I would recommend to anyone.

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    Status: c150


    Please ignore/skip chapters from earth as they dont add anything to the story, just know the MC was f**ked over in a overdramatic and honestly unpleasant to read way. Personally almost dropped this just from those chapters.


    Firstly, time paradoxes are lame imo but in this case its borderline pointless. If Kent didnt ruin Kris life on earth would Kris hate Kent after being revived by Alice in the FF world? Yes he would as Kent is a piece of sh*t.

    You didn't need to give him some insane tragic life for this story to progress as it did, minus the random crying he does from his memories. Any lonely (and horny) guy could replace Kris and it would be the same, use app since they dont have game to molest women. They fall in love with said women since MC isnt an asshole.

    Idk if its just me but I almost didnt read this novel due to those first few chapters. If you have to keep them, you really should leave those for flash backs later in the story. As is it confuses new readers on how the actually novel is in tone.

    Anyway I gave 5 stars but there were parts that honestly bugged me with how needlessly tragic you made things be, mainly the earth part of your story. 


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