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Short Stories from the Void
Comedy Drama Fantasy Horror Mystery Romance Sci-fi Slice of Life
One Piece: Build The Strongest Beast Pirates
Action Adventure Fanfiction Fantasy Martial Arts
The Female CEO Who Stole The Male Leads Harem
Adventure Comedy Ecchi Girls Love Harem Martial Arts Mature Romance Smut
Ace of Ishtar Familia
Action Adult Adventure Fanfiction Fantasy Harem Mature Smut
Son of the Spirit Beast (New Version)
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Romance Seinen
NagatoSaitou, 25 mins ago
I Can Scout My Summons
Action Fantasy LitRPG Slice of Life
Chapter 11
BasicSage, 29 mins ago
Reborn as a Fantasy General (Army-Building Isekai)
Action Adult Adventure Fantasy Harem Historical Isekai
Chapter 30
IronLung, 36 mins ago
Get Lucky
Action Adult Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem LitRPG Sci-fi Smut
Cog Cultivator (Xianxia)
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Mature Sci-fi
Apocalypse: My Domain System
Action Adventure Fantasy Harem LitRPG Martial Arts
The empress of seerobok
Adult Drama Gender Bender Isekai Mature Supernatural
The start
Heartlock, 44 mins ago
A Soldier’s Life
Action Adult Adventure Fantasy Historical Mature Slice of Life
The Competition
Fanfiction Fantasy Harem
Dance Of The Titan Avatars
Action Adventure Drama Fanfiction Fantasy Martial Arts Mecha Seinen Tragedy
Action Adult Martial Arts Romance Smut
Chapter 15
Simonx69, 50 mins ago
Stuck as a Villain!
Action Drama Ecchi Fantasy Harem Romance School Life
Aiming to be the perfect butler for my lady
Action Adventure Drama Romance School Life
In the Apocalypse World Becoming a Naruto Card God
Action Adventure Fanfiction Fantasy Harem Isekai LitRPG Martial Arts Sci-fi
The Leper King’s Healer
Adventure Comedy Fanfiction Fantasy Historical Isekai Mature Romance
Chapter 10
fgtan03, 54 mins ago
Luck’s descent (BL)
Action Adult Adventure Boys Love Fantasy Mature Romance Smut