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/ Series / I Reincarnated as A Little Girl?!
I Reincarnated as A Little Girl?!
I Reincarnated as A Little Girl?!
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3.7 (140 ratings)
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Our protagonist was an otaku and hid that fact from everyone.
After he gave up hiding this fact, he was eventually scorned by his friends and his own family.

After some time being despised, he was expelled from home because he had become a NEET.

After that, he began to live alone and had to find a job to support himself.
He worked a fucking job and was practically a slave.

But one day when he opened the store by himself, he had a stupid accident, and since he had no one to help him
He died right there in a pathetic accident.

He thought it would be the end of his life, but suddenly he opened his eyes and realized it was in the body of a little girl.
A little girl with no family who was under the care of maids.

She was a little girl with many mysteries in her life.

Follow our protagonist's life in this new world, a world where death is normal.


ActionAdventureDramaFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveMystery
Cautious Protagonist Cheats Clever Protagonist Cold Protagonist Comedic Undertone Confident Protagonist Cute Protagonist Dungeons Guilds Ruthless Protagonist
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      Status: c89
      Mar 2, 2020

      I like this novel a lot. But objectively I can't give it high marks because of the work's problems. 

      The writing while certainly readable, is very strained. I suspect the author is not a  native English speaker, causing problems with grammar and idiom. 

      The presentation is a very basic isekai. Main Character reincarnates to a game like world. Main Character has some serious cheat abilities. Main character deals with villains while trying to keep a low profile. It's run of the mill stuff you can probably predict most of what happens well before you actually read it. 

      This one is both a giant problem and why makes the novel so enjoyable for me. EVERYONE IN IT MUST HAVE BEEN DROPPED ON THEIR HEADS MULTIPLE TIMES AS CHILDREN.  I mean they are all horrifically stupid and arrogant. The characters don't just buy trouble for themselves, they buy it in COSTCO sized bulk lots. Nobody ever asks the question what comes next ? Or gee that sounds like a good plan.

      You read it and you can't stop because you want to know what stupid and ridiculous thing is going to happen next. 

      Best suggestion read a few chapters, if you are laughing read more.

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      Status: Presentations
      Feb 11, 2020

      For the love of god, you are stalling the story so much it is actually annoying. You spent more then 10 chapters or something describing like a few events. 10 CHAPTERS about her changing her identity all the way to her leaving. Do you love prolonging the story this much? We already knew she was going to leave from almost the beginning of the story and you just wasted our time on these pointless chapters that could have been story progression. I'll at least give it 5 chapters at most if I'm being generous to get through all this filler (Yes I'm calling it filler because we don't care about 90% of what u wrote up to this point).

      The only important part of what I read up to this point is:


      1. Guy gets reincarnated into a girl, learn magic, then gets betrayed.

      2. Girl goes to city, befriends a prostitute (who for some reason the MC is overly nice too?) Then gets captured, kills a few people (i think) and escapes.

      3. Then she plans to leave the city all of which could be described in 1-2 chapters to just get the story moving.


      Pretty much my whole rant up until the chapter I left off on is about how you wrote too many chapters for very small time events that don't need that much chapters to write about. We already know shes leaving but am I reading 10 chapters all about her leaving? JUST LET HER LEAVE and get on with it.

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      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: transported to the body of...
      Mar 8, 2020

      MC is retard, OP magic so useless on it. I loved novel at its start, later is a mess 

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c0
      Jun 4, 2020

      i personaliy love it, and I recommed you read it to see if you will like it too, I happen to find the details to be extremly enjoyable and funny at times

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 105 – maybe it’s them.
      May 4, 2020

      Absolutely love it

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      0 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: transported to the body of...
      Apr 28, 2020

      I enjoy this story. The grammar is an issue but when your brain just corrects it without you noticing, there isn't a problem. Wish more chapters were released a week though. The action in this novel is back to back with minor breather time in the middle. Its hard to get bored

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      0 Likes · Like Permalink
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