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/ Series / Isekai Driver Girl
Isekai Driver Girl
Isekai Driver Girl
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4.3 (4 ratings)
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"Mommy, that carriage moving without any horse"

"Don't be silly son, there's nothing like that in"

"I already told you mom"

A Toyota Kijang Grand Extra slowly drove, escorted by 4 Whitfield's knights in Corland, a city that managed by Margrave Whitfield in their fief.

Inside it are Whitfield couples and their childs, some maids and a butler, and a 9 y.o. girl named Leony Sanjaya, yes, you heard it right.

Somewhere in the earth there's a guy named Leon Sanjaya, age 20-something currently doing job hunting in a library, unfortunately he died in that library.

Because he never gets any happiness in the earth, God Abner give him a chance to live a second life in His world Fairmallow but Leon requested to live his second life as a girl.

With interest in guns, military tech, and automobiles, he who now is she, will live her second life peacefully. Can she live her life peacefully as she wish?

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyGender BenderIsekaiJoseiSlice of Life
Adventurers Alternate World Army Army Building Artificial Intelligence Child Protagonist Elemental Magic Female Protagonist Game Ranking System Magic Military Overpowered Protagonist Special Abilities
Table of Contents 8
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