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5.86M Views 86281 Favorites 369 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 5015 Readers 60 Reviews 822.4k Words Sep 30, 2023 Akaichi
He has returned to the past. And this time he will live up to his role as a young master, which he lost in the past.
He will use all the resources of his family to his advantage. He will cheat the world itself.
This is a harem and intrigue story, where he will get what he wants, he will build his own super hidden power and he will protect his loved one's this time.... more>>
932.2k Views 43300 Favorites 311 Chapters 15 Chapters/Week 1770 Readers 15 Reviews 260.3k Words 6 hours ago Loskro1
Nicholas Iron was reborn into the world of harry potter as a orphan with the ring maker system , this is his story.
138k Views 4339 Favorites 61 Chapters 16 Chapters/Week 1007 Readers 2 Reviews 158.6k Words 16 hours ago tounokenja
Ark, a budding human magician enjoying his second life in a new world full of swords and magic left his home to become an adventurer, only to be defeated on a goblin subjugation quest. Waking up in a lightless cavern, Ark's battle for survival begins with his lower half! Can he rise to the task of being the brand new freely shared husband of an entire tribe consisting of only female goblins who want nothing more than to procreate with him every waking moment? ... more>>
6.24M Views 36508 Favorites 382 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 5722 Readers 46 Reviews 720.3k Words Sep 25, 2023 Slayer104
Our protagonist gets transmigrated to a free-use world where sex can be bartered for. It's a world with all kinds of magical beings, from angels to demons and everything in between. Protagonist will have to work hard to keep his little life, when he finds himself in the middle of a battle among the forces of good and evil.... more>>
6.26M Views 117321 Favorites 376 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 7809 Readers 51 Reviews 1.1M Words 15 hours ago Kuropon
What happens when a man gets transported into a foreign world filled with magic?... more>>
915.8k Views 26693 Favorites 133 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 3360 Readers 4 Reviews 170.6k Words Sep 29, 2023 winterwhereof
Life at Tenet Delving Academy isn’t easy in the best of cases. It’s a life filled with scheming classmates, brutal competitions, and an ever-changing, ever-deadly dungeon.... more>>
9.9k Views 878 Favorites 94 Chapters 24 Chapters/Week 52 Readers 1 Reviews 104.8k Words Sep 30, 2023 Marioni
the incredible journey of Ryan, who mysteriously finds himself transported to the world of Naruto. In a twist of fate, he rises to the esteemed position of the Fourth Hokage, wielding the immense power and responsibility of Konoha in his capable hands.... more>>
120.2k Views 267 Favorites 392 Chapters 98 Chapters/Week 273 Readers 1 Reviews 2.4M Words 21 mins ago Cambrian
Summary: I have a lot of one-shots and stories that are only a handful of chapters which it doesn't really make sense to post one at a time to a website like this. So my aim is to post them all in one spot under this umbrella fic. There will be a bit of everything in here, though each story will be appropriately marked with its setting and themes.... more>>
523.5k Views 19885 Favorites 145 Chapters 5 Chapters/Week 2038 Readers 7 Reviews 369.4k Words Sep 30, 2023 Agdistis
Jadis has no idea how she died. One minute she's living her life as a young college student in Pennsylvania, the next she's hurtling through the unimaginable, incomprehensible void of the space between realities as a lost and detached soul. Lucky for her a bored god happens to see her passing by and gives her a helping hand. Even luckier, the god is willing to grant her a new life in a fantasy world with RPG elements, giving her a chance at excitement, adventure, and bodily pleasures she'd never have thought she'd have the opportunity to experience. She can have it all for the low, low price of fulfilling the god's need for entertainment. Can't... more>>
2.05M Views 22003 Favorites 186 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 3652 Readers 11 Reviews 200k Words Sep 30, 2023 Dictatelion
Benjamin was an ordinary high school student. After waking up on a certain day, he found out the gender values of society seemed to be... more>>
4.99M Views 54261 Favorites 572 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 6676 Readers 14 Reviews 510.8k Words 4 hours ago YuujiEveryleaf
An old man dies, torn by regret. Due to his high karma, he has "near-limitless possibilities for reincarnation". He chooses to reincarnate in a fantasy world as a voluptuous futanari succubus with big tits and an irresistible smile.... more>>
6.89M Views 100868 Favorites 1117 Chapters 7 Chapters/Week 6852 Readers 24 Reviews 771.7k Words Sep 28, 2023 whatsawhizzer
Summary: ... more>>
1.47M Views 31792 Favorites 146 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 5041 Readers 12 Reviews 295k Words 22 hours ago winterwhereof
Levels. Skills. Dungeons.... more>>
156.6k Views 4979 Favorites 34 Chapters 7 Chapters/Week 1829 Readers 4 Reviews 87.8k Words 21 hours ago DaoistDumbledore
Everything was going well for him: a well-earning job, a car, a home, but then he was tossed into a world of immortals, in the body of Jade Beauty of all things!... more>>
2.46M Views 65373 Favorites 599 Chapters 8 Chapters/Week 4662 Readers 18 Reviews 1.3M Words 4 hours ago Mortrexo
Yasenia is a child born different from the rest, her mother, Tatyana, used an ancient technique she found to absorb the world's energy to get pregnant instead of having regular intercourse. Her objective was to create a lover for herself since the endless years of solitude and all the heartbreaks covered her heart with eternal ice.
While pregnant, a strange soul seems to try to seize the body of her child to be reborn; a shame that Tatyana is someone not to be messed with.
In her rage, she destroys the sense of self and memories, leaving only a husk of the soul, and uses it to nourish Yasenia.
What Tatyana didn't know at that... more>>
344.3k Views 11640 Favorites 114 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 1585 Readers 5 Reviews 267.1k Words Sep 29, 2023 VeganMaster
Joseph Knox, one of the most prolific and well-known serial killers on the planet. ... more>>
142.1k Views 4401 Favorites 64 Chapters 11 Chapters/Week 941 Readers 1 Reviews 92.7k Words 11 hours ago Kalliel
Hanazawa Hanako was a young otaku girl, technically a hikikomori, a degenerate, and a netizen. She died though. (LOL)... more>>
107.5k Views 2236 Favorites 41 Chapters 5 Chapters/Week 1083 Readers 1 Reviews 91.2k Words 9 hours ago Ladonyx
Alex is a normal girl in a post-apocalyptic world of monsters. The remaining pockets of humanity now coexist with tamed creatures that defend their towns from existential threats beyond the edge of the map.
Then a Mark appears on Alex after a unique encounter. Now she can transform herself using monster essence!
It takes a monster to fight a monster, and someone has to breed them. ... more>>
6.25M Views 91515 Favorites 566 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 7302 Readers 18 Reviews 808.2k Words 2 mins ago Nanakawaichan
My Patreon page:
Discord chanel: more>>
2.32M Views 52353 Favorites 301 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 3921 Readers 37 Reviews 554.3k Words 5 hours ago FateDevilAce
Update Schedule: ... more>>
388.5k Views 13600 Favorites 217 Chapters 8 Chapters/Week 1166 Readers 8 Reviews 311.6k Words 12 hours ago bandefry
Lin Fei, who had mediocre martial arts talent, unexpectedly acquired a martial arts system. All of his martial arts skills could be self-cultivated. ... more>>
6.99M Views 201315 Favorites 558 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 5671 Readers 47 Reviews 731.4k Words Aug 14, 2022 Maerry
How will the person who, in her previous world was known as the Goddess of Ice, deal with the world of Naruto?
This story will loosely follow canon and will focus on how a powerful, wise, and slightly insane person will affect the story and its characters. Slightly AU... more>>
6.1k Views 215 Favorites 15 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 264 Readers 0 Reviews 23.5k Words 57 mins ago PancakesWitch
I was just another failure of an author, writing stories nobody read, and that never sold. Seeking to improve my writing, I read the most popular novel at that time, Solo Player, to learn what made it so popular. However, as I read this story, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated about the story’s development, which had a terrible ending.... more>>
3.09M Views 53747 Favorites 555 Chapters 5 Chapters/Week 3587 Readers 21 Reviews 852.8k Words Sep 30, 2023 ForgottenLife
A medical student died because of negligence of the authorities. Later, he is granted a second chance in life with some boons. But being an Otaku and Naruto fan, he chooses to live in the chaotic world of Naruto.
The story will follow canon for the initial part with a new plot. Major changes will reflect in the later part as our MC grows up. The story has strong AU elements and the power scaling is ramped up to explore various foreign elements in Naruto. Everything in its entirety will be a part of the Naruto series with details and speculations of my own.
This story is my original creation, and I post it on... more>>
2.51M Views 56756 Favorites 415 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 4625 Readers 19 Reviews 874.8k Words 6 hours ago Master4thWall
Synopsis: The Gamer System holds an unimaginable level of potential, which if used right, one can even step beyond Godhood. Beyond God. Out of desperation, that is exactly what his goal became once he somehow got his hands on the Gamer System. But there's a catch, because there always is one. Now, he has become a Cursed Soul.... more>>